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Laura Van Prooyen

Laura Van Prooyen is author of two collections of poetry, Our House Was on Fire (Ashland Poetry Press 2015) and Inkblot and Altar (Pecan Grove Press 2006). Her poems also have appeared in The American Poetry ReviewBoston Review, and Ploughshares, among others. Van Prooyen has more than 15 years experience teaching poetry and writing in a variety of academic settings including: Dominican University, Chicago Public Schools, Del Valle High School, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and most recently at Henry Ford Academy: The Alameda School for Art + Design, where she also directs the school's Poetry Out Loud program--a national recitation competition supported by the Texas Commission for the Arts, The Poetry Foundation, and the National Endowment of the Arts.

On the human level, we all desire to be seen and heard. Focusing on the arts in education allows students to grow, to learn, to share their stories. By examining universal themes through rigorous study in writing, visual arts, and performing arts, students participate in the conversation of what makes us whole.



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